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Connected gas monitor
The Ventis Pro5 is the most flexible connected gas monitor on the market, giving you the power to protect workers from up to five gases, manage worker safety from remote locations, and simplify team communication to take the guesswork out of gas detection. It automatically shares real-time gas readings, man-down, and panic alarms between peers – meaning the entire team knows who is in danger and why. By sharing real-time data, workers can also maintain continuous communication without the need for additional infrastructure or devices.
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Wearable gas detector
As the first fully-connected product in the MSA Connected Work Platform, the ALTAIR io 4 was designed from the ground-up to be a fully connected and intuitive safety solution. The innovative direct-to-cloud design allows the ALTAIR io 4 to seamlessly connect with MSA Grid cloud-based software and the ALTAIR io Dock, and that can help safety managers increase compliance, better manage their device fleet and increase visibility into worker safety. The device works in concert with the company's MSA+ subscription service, and together, the ALTAIR io 4 device and MSA+ create a versatile and powerful hardware/software combination that can enhance worker safety and simplify safety program management by delivering real-time visibility.
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Rough terrain forklift
Pettibone offers the Cary-Lift 254i rough terrain forklift in its line of pole, log and pipe handlers. The Cary-Lift 254i features a unique overhead lift arm design, giving the operator full front visibility when lifting or transporting loads – a sharp contrast to the lift arms on wheel loaders, which are located directly in front of the vehicle. Additionally, Cary-Lift forks are capable of tilting down 90 degrees for specialized lifting tasks. A standard feature for the Cary-Lift 254i is X-Command®, a Pettibone telematics program that offers real-time access to machine data, thereby saving time, money and hassle for equipment owners and maintenance technicians.
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