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Ventilated work shirt
PIP® Bisley® X-Airflow™ Workwear is an exciting innovation that revolutionizes heat stress protection, even in extreme heat conditions. Featuring a unique laser perforation technology along the side panels, underarm and across the back, Bisley® X-Airflow™ Workwear is the most advanced apparel for keeping the heat out compared to any other workwear vented shirts on the market. To take comfort and durability to the next level, the 313M6491H Ventilated Button Up Work Shirt features lightweight stretch ripstop fabric with permanent wicking properties. Stretch perforated reflective tape enhances worker mobility and pliability on the job.
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PPE hood
Cementex PPE hoods are unique within the Arc Flash Protective Equipment landscape, as the hood completely covers users and is worn over a hard hat, with a headlight available on the top. This hood design enables the use of the ventilation system and provides greater overall protection to users. The lift-front face shield design enhances these innovative hoods even further. Cementex’s lift front hoods remain compatible with its innovative hood ventilation system, thus ensuring the greatest possible safety of personnel in environment around energized equipment.
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Arc flash clothing
J. J. Keller® SAFEGEAR® PPE has teamed up with FR-apparel brand DRIFIRE to expand its SAFEGEAR® PPE offerings. A wide selection of Category 1 and 2 FR clothing — which is also arc rated (AR) — is now available from J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., including: base layer short- and long-sleeve T-shirts; high-visibility vests and sweatshirts; coveralls, jeans, a work shirt, and a balaclava. Workers in the electric industry and welders need protective clothing, such as FR and/or AR-rated clothing, per OSHA standards 1910.269 and 1910.252, respectively.
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