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Welding helmets
ESAB has expanded its PPE portfolio with the launch of the Swarm A10, A20 and A30 automatic welding helmets, which provide affordable, performance-driven welding protection. The Swarm A10 features an auto darkening filter (ADF) fixed to shade 11, which covers a wide range of Stick and MIG welding applications. The Swarm A20 and A30 helmets provide a shade range of 9 – 13 using an external shade selector knob for the A-20, with internal dial controls and additional adjustments for delay and sensitivity, while the A-30 model utilizes full internal dial controls.
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Fogless safety glasses
Introducing a new era of lightweight safety eyewear. The Bouton® Zenon Ultra-Lyte™ 250-14-0520 is the lightest eye protection on the market and is designed to conform to the face to reduce gaps for a safer and more comfortable all-day fit. The lenses feature Bouton® FogLess® 3Sixty™ Technology which continues to bead away water and moisture, even after repeated cleaning. FogLess® 3Sixty™ lenses provide the ultimate fog prevention when transitioning between warm and cool environments, working in a humid or wet environments, engaging in an activity that causes perspiration, or when eye protection is used with respiratory equipment.
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High-performance glasses
Radians® has expanded its THRAXUS™ vision protection line by the recent launch of THRAXUS ELITE™. To meet a variety of jobsite applications, THRAXUS ELITE is available with or without IQuity™, Radians’ intelligent anti-scratch, anti-fog technology. To provide a superior custom fit on a variety of head shapes and sizes, ELITE also features three-position ratcheting temples with a wire core that allows for more adjustability. A soft brow further boosts the comfort level. THRAXUS ELITE IQuity incorporates even more features to offer ANSI Z87.1+ high impact protection, D4 dust and D3 liquid splash protection, as well as X anti-fog performance.
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Safety goggles
Brass Knuckle® Grasshopper (BKDST-1010N) combines a host of superior comfort features with a wall of protection against dust and dirt – and that ultimate compliance-killer, fog. A soft EVA foam dust filter with built-in air channels fills the gap between the glasses and the face, keeping dust out. These goggles now also quickly transform, as the dust gasket is removable to allow for conversion into standard protective eyewear, enabling them to jump from job to job with ease. In addition to a clear lens, Grasshopper is also available in a smoke lens and a mirror lens for outdoor use.
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