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Shoe sanitizer
New Pig has introduced the Shoe Sanitizer Floor System — an all-in-one system that provides employees and visitors the opportunity to safely remove dirt and debris, sanitize, and dry shoes upon entry to virtually any facility. Simply fill mat tray with preferred disinfecting solution and immerse the soles of shoes and scrub. While the non-slip rubber scrapers remove dirt, contaminants and germs, the adhesive-backed runner absorbs any disinfectant overflow or splashes to provide a safe walk-off surface for customers, employees and visitors.
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High-traction flooring
SLIPNOT® stainless steel coating technology has received High-Traction certification from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). After rigorous testing and measurement, the NFSI determined SLIPNOT technology’s static and dynamic coefficient of friction on hard surface walkways exceeds the safety rating’s highest standards. SLIPNOT safety flooring and surface technologies reduce slips, trips, and falls by over 90% and maintain maximum friction even when wet and oily.
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Kneeling mat
Available in multiple sizes, the LIFT Safety Kneeling Mats are made of a medium density closed cell polyurethane foam that provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning for the user. The comfortable mat reduces knee fatigue and general joint discomfort that can often occur when kneeling. Easy carrying handle slot and an integrated cup holder on the Large model. Waterproof anti-slip polyethylene finish. Compact footprint for workspace convenience. 25mm thickness. Dimensions of 36” x 18” for the Large model and 20.5” x 14” for the Small model
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July 2022

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VOL. 56  NO. 7